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Hello, Minecrafters! Welcome to the home of Gentlemen Craft: a place where you can play Minecraft like a sir. This is just a placeholder until we can get a full-on website up and running!



Server Rules:

1.     Respect: Respect people and property! Absolutely NO griefing of any kind is permitted. Griefers will be permanently banned. No stealing either…

2.     Language: Please keep language clean and respectful. No racial or religious slurs are permitted.

3.     This is a faction server; however, please refrain from the unnecessary killing of neutral players or those belonging to a faction at peace.

4.     No spamming the chat! We don’t want to hear you!

5.     Please do not beg admins and ops for “ranks” or operator/admin status. These are rewards for hard work, a good attitude and work ethic. Asking only works against you.

6.     Build pretty things. We don’t like ugly buildings.

7.     Failure to comply to these rules will result in temporary jailing or a permanent ban.